quarta-feira, 24 de julho de 2013


         "(...) Nowadays, every communication sistems leads, probably, on an universal global way, in order to define the deepest wishes of Mankind, seeking a certain ubiquity and omniwisdom, at least, untouchable. This kind of distinguish marks of the human being are such an important part of its idiossincracy, that take the man, not only as a social being, as well as an ambitious, territorial and agressive, but also capable of sympathy and althruistic love, to use the tecnology, always upgrading perfection (mainly after the advent of cibernetics), to communicate with others, in search of social cohesion and citizenty, on a democratic context. (...)"

Inês Santos, in her graduate project "Digital Platforms - New Era Interviews

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  1. !uerido Zé
    Fizeste bem publicar este excerto da Inês.
    De facto, no nosso moderno universo cibernético, tudo continua igual no que se refere ao ser humano:é sempre visto sob dois ângulos.Faz-me lembrar a diferença entre um copo meio cheio e meio vazio. Tudo depende do estado de espírito de quem observa!
    Beijinho à Inês.
    Um abraço